MDI Platform for Youth Inclusion :
MDI 5000

Coordinators :

  • Khalil Ben Ahmed
  • Makrem Ben Khemis

Description :

Inclusion of young Tunisians remains a largely unfinished project. Addressing the legitimate aspirations of Tunisian youth and injecting hope will be critical for Tunisia to sustain its positive forward momentum.

The Youth Platform of the MDI counts more than 700 active young Tunisians that were instrumental in the success of the event organized jointly with the World Bank, on April 10, 2015, to launch the WB Report entitled “Removing the Barriers to Youth Inclusion”. The event was attended by the Minister of Employment and Training, the Secretary of State for Youth and the Senior Advisor of the Minister of Technology and Digital Economy, as well as business leaders from the private sector and the civil society. The discussions provided a comprehensive analysis of the social, economic, political, and cultural barriers that young Tunisians continue to face. It also highlighted the mismatch between the private sector needs and the offer from the universities, the lack of competences and soft skills of the young graduates, as well as the poor transition between universities and the enterprises.

The discussions helped understand the root causes for the persistent and widespread levels of youth inactivity and exclusion, and provided a series of targeted proposals for new youth-specific policies and approaches for Tunisia. Digital skills were on top of the list, as they are becoming increasingly essential to growth and successful careers in all sectors of the economy.

MDI’s objective is therefore to harness the potential of the web for learning, in order to allow the Youth, and especially those excluded from Education, Employment and Training, to have the best chance to get the skills and knowledge they need to thrive. Our approach aims at embracing the power of internet, for instance via MOOCs and certified trainings, to improve/complement education and increase the supply of skilled workers in Tunisia, with a special focus on poor and remote regions.

Our goal is also to showcase success stories and National Champions to inject hope and emulate the Youth in Tunisia and promote the value of work. This program aims at reaching out to more than 10.000 young Tunisians across the country.

Our Last Event :

Youth World Bank Event

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