MDI’s work helps shape policy on both sides of the Mediterranean and around the world. MDI staff and fellows have expertise in a wide range of subjects, from Trade to regional development, from security to development policies and from decentralization to energy issues. Their research and work in these areas is published in different media.
Organizing conferences and round tables are some of MDI’s most effective tools for advocacy that enrich the on-going debate about the future direction of the European Neighboring Policy, the negotiations of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements, security issues, with a perspective from the Mediterranean countries, aggregating the positions and viewpoints from Southern stakeholders, decision-makers and experts as well as Central and Eastern European countries experience.
MDI’s events bring together some of the most influential U.S., European, and global political, corporate, media, and intellectual leaders to address pressing challenges currently facing the Mediterranean area in its transition towards democracy and reforms.

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