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AFRICA 2.0 Plateform

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Members :

  • Ghazi Ben Ahmed : Coordinator
  • Slim Othmani : Board
  • Adel Dajani : Board
  • Leila Belkhiria Jaber : Board
  • Amel Bouchamaoui Hammami : Board
  • Bechir Ouaddady : Board
  • Rabiaa El Alami : Board
  • Abdelmadjid Fechkeur : Board
  • Abdelmonem Alyaser : Board
  • Sami Boukaila : Board
  • Victor Jackovich : Board

Description :

Africa is becoming the next startup hotspot. High unemployment rates among young graduates have pushed them into exploring alternative paths in order to concretize their dreams and to assert their ambitions.
With the majority of Africa’s population under 20 years old, how will innovations in the structure & delivery of education shape the future of the continent?

  • Rationale  
    In the past years, online technology has changed almost everything around us, from communication to health. Yet, surprisingly, one of the cornerstones of our society – education – hasn’t been significantly enhanced by innovation.
    The education sector hasn’t been fundamentally re-imagined and reshaped by technology that is available today. That is why we need more technology entrepreneurs and education professionals to roll up their sleeves and fix it. MDI together with key partners from Africa is calling to change the way we teach and learn.
    Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have the potential to transform business and government in Africa, driving entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth
  • The Vision
    The civil society in Africa seeks to contribute to the achievement of inclusive and better education;; and to regional integration and the sustainable socio-economic development of Africa in an era of globalization through education, ICT and startup spirit
    We shall try to work with the G20, placing greatest emphasis on learning, interaction, engagement and discussion. We need new ideas and to encourage people to make and change things.
  • Overarching objectives
    + Upgrade Africa’s human capital to meet modern demands and the aspirations of Agenda 2063, the long-term plan for transforming the continent. This objective is in line with the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa 2024, which sets out a means to follow through on the Agenda, feeding into the recognition of technology and innovation as mechanisms to implement the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals.
    + Use new technologies and startups to pave the way for regional integration in Africa.

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