11 septembre 2015

Agreement between the Embassy of Finland in Tunisia and the Mediterranean Development Initiative (MDI) to enhance the technological skills of Youth and Women in Tunisia.

The MDI’s project is aiming to harness the potential of the web for learning, blended with face-to-face certified training, in order to allow the Youth, and especially those excluded from Education, Employment and Training, to have the best chance to get the soft and technological skills and knowledge they need to thrive and improve their employability.

The future of Tunisia is with fast-growing technology-enabled jobs — which will replace lower-skilled jobs. However, this vision requires solid fundamental skills — literacy, numeracy, digital literacy — and relevant technology skills, such as the ability to troubleshoot a computer network or to write code or to create video games.

Our approach aims at embracing the power of internet, for instance via MOOCs, to improve/complement education and increase the supply of skilled workers in Tunisia, with a special focus on poor and remote regions.

Our goal is also to showcase success stories and Technological National Champions in order to inject hope and to emulate the Youth in Tunisia and promote the value of work.

The MDI is setting up a community of youth across the country, and later across the region (Libya, Morocco and Algeria). Developing technology skills that align with market demand greatly increases their chances of securing employment and achieving career or business success.
For local and foreign enterprises, having well-qualified, technology-savvy talent results in higher productivity, faster growth and expansion.
And for Tunisia, balancing the supply and the demand for technology skills leads to economic and social stability, regional development and overall prosperity.

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